Books I Have Read: Pines by Blake Crouch

One of the things I love most about having a Kindle is the Amazon Lending Library. I’ve read all sorts of shit that I would never had read otherwise I’m a big believer in randomly selecting media to consume. I do it with music all the time, and I’ve discovered a lot of movies and television shows the same way. In all honesty, this is what I like most about the digitization of media. I can test out so many more things much more easily that I ever could otherwise.

Granted, most of the books I have checked out have been pretty terrible, but not all of them are wastes of time. I read some sort of book on Cheerleaders solving crime on my flight to NYC once. So, you know, there’s that. For this month’s book, I finally got around to reading Pines by Blake Crouch. I guess this guy has written a lot of stuff and is fairly successful. Dude doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry, though, so how famous can he be? AM I RIGHT? That’s a burn for Mr. Crouch. That’s right, an OUCH FOR CROUCH. That’s probably not nice. I don’t read as much as I should, and rarely do I read anything that’s actually popular.

I’m getting off track here. What am I talking about? I read some sort of book recently. I think it started off with a discussion of the Little War, and then went on to talk about how once people reach the age of 21, they have to report to Sleepshops for volunteer termination. The book centers around Logan, a Sandman (Deep Sleep Operative) who’s job it is to capture Runners, those who do not report. Logan pretends to become a Runner in order to infiltrate the Underground Railroad of Runners and…

Wait, that can’t be what I am talking about.

I remember now. I was watching a movie. In it, a man named Lincoln Six Echo starts having dreams. These dreams are exceptionally vivid, and seem almost more akin to memories than dream. The problem is, these memories can’t be real. He lives in a contained facility because the outside world has become too contaminated to live in. Every week, a lottery is held, where winners are transported to an Island that is safe and free of contamination. However, when Lincoln sees a moth, he knows that the outside world isn’t contaminated and the dark truth of the matter is then revealed…

No, that’s not quite it either. Ok, I think I have it this time.

It’s about a British agent who abruptly resigns his job, goes on holiday and is affected by knockout gas. When he awakes, he finds himself in a mysterious seaside village, that is completely isolated from everything else. The village is under constant surveillance, including military and a giant bubble-balloon thing call the Rover, that captures those that try to escape. The agent is assigned the name Number Six, and is interrogated through various means, all in the attempts to be indoctrinated. Number Six is distrustful of all of the villagers, and refuses to co-operate.

Ok, that’s not the book either. However, reading the above paragraphs is exactly like reading the book. It’s mostly just like the Prisoner, but it has the rest of the stuff too. You’re welcome.

One smiley face. It’s popcorn fiction and I finished it in about two hours or so.

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