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Misread Magic Items: Draftglobe

The driftglobe is a fun little item that sheds light, floats around, and once a day throws on the high beams, burning out the ability to make light for the rest of the day. It’s neat, and the players will likely get a lot of use out of it. Let’s be honest, everyone likes instructing objects to float around with their will, it’s just cool. It’s not exactly the most powerful item, but it sees consistent use and, forgive the pun, shines in some specific circumstances. However, with Fantasy Football being advertised at every turn this time of year, it is easy to look at this item and read draftglobe.

What would such an object look like? It probably has something to do with initiative, and maybe even trading. After all, that is what these drafts are all about, right? Picking order, and the ability to trade afterwards. That sounds to be in the spirit of things, right?

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This small globe of glass, roughly the size of an apple, swirls with smoke and a softly flickering blue light. The globe vibrates with a barely contained energy, and is prone to rolling out of hands and flat surfaces if not properly secured. Possessing and being attuned to the draftglobe grants advantage on Dexterity(Initiative) checks.

As an action, you may set the draftglobe free from your grasp, allowing it to float freely around the room. At the start of each round, the draftglobe hovers over an ally. As a reaction, you may swap turns in the initiative with that ally for this round. Once combat has ended, the draftglobe returns to your grasp, provided you are conscious and not incapacitated, or falls to the ground, waiting to be claimed by whomever picks it up, provided you are unconscious or incapacitated.

Once the draftglobe has been set free, it no longer grants advantage on initiative checks until it is placed in the light of a setting sun.

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