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Rise of the Rulelords: The Ultimate Price of William the Pony

Alas, we can defeat a powerful necromancer and imprison a were-rat, but we just can’t keep our shit together when it comes to horses. We might as well throw fifty gold into the woods and call it an investment in money trees (setting up a fiduciary branch, heeeeeey). Still, I get ahead of myself.

Before the swap to 5e, we defeated a necromancer, cured someone of a terrible illness, shut down a corrupt asylum, our amnesiac paladin had been revealed as a dark paladin of Dagon, and we had our horses stolen by the asylum head we didn’t lock up. We were in progress of traveling back to Sandpoint, and my scimitar might or might not have been stabbed in a panic-like or pseudo-panic-like fashion into the necromancer along that long and winding road. The very last thing we encountered was a chimera, which we handily defeated.

We were without a fourth for the session due to some family issues, but the three of us forged ahead. There was a little getting used to the system and difficulties as John R. attempted to cut off the chimera tail, thinking it was the source of the chimera’s virility, but failed in glorious fashion. The curse of the chimera had been laid upon John. Ok, there wasn’t a curse, probably. OR WAS THERE?! No, there wasn’t.

Reaching town without further incident, we met the sheriff, told the grim tale of the asylum (never go somewhere the food is provided by Herbert West Food Services), made sure the poor lad we cured would be set up, and turned over the necromancer, thus depriving John R. of a minion. I stop here to explain I was straight up cold-blooded to the necromancer. I made a medicine check to ensure he was not dying before turning him over to the authorities…and I didn’t even use guidance. I totally could have, but I didn’t. Even a sunny day can have a cloud obscure the sun for a moment.

Alton relayed the information that we believe we know who is behind the ghast situation, the situation being there is a murderous ghast and people being turned into ghouls or ghasts. However, being burgeoning folk heroes basing their information on actual events and rumors of long standing demonic influence isn’t enough to roust a noble in good standing. It’s alright though. We’re on the case! However, Alton, being the man of the people he is, agrees to check into some rumors ravening undead and walking scarecrows murdering farmers. John extorts some money out of the town to fund our venture. Lance doesn’t have a great grasp of material wealth, but is pretty sure the church taught something about it, so he assumes this is all normal behavior.

This brings us to the horses. Since our horses were stolen, we had to get new horses. In addition to being forced to deal with an unpleasant fellow, we had to outlay near two hundred gold sovereigns to purchase new horses. Being that Lance doesn’t really understand carrying money or how you pay for things, traveling with the church for most of his life, this fell to Alton to pay for everything. Lance did, however, manage to charm his way into some reduced ration prices and free feed.

On the way to the checkout the farm rumors, night fell upon us and we were forced to make camp. Being a cleric of Sarenrae, Lance always likes last watch, so he can pray with the sun, and also because it lets his beauty routine take. Alton took the first watch, which passed without incident. John took second shift. Here is where things go poorly. You see, John, dear ol’ John, decided to sacrifice his new horse while we are asleep in a blood ritual to Dagon in order to then cast Find Steed. He manages to keep the animal quiet while he does this, summons a drowned looking part horse-part nightmarish deep ocean creature thing, dismisses it, and then wakes us up saying he fell asleep on watch and a horse got killed.

As mentioned before, we talked about how the story might go, and everything is on the table about potential outcomes. Of course, in-game we have no reason to suspect John has realized he’s an unholy warrior, or that he was previously. So, I wake up, wake up Alton, put on my armor, and go to inspect the scene. It’s obvious the horse was killed by a blade, and there are signs of a horse riding away from the scene, but none of a horse riding to the scene. However, it’s late and Alton believe he’s probably just missing the tracks. Our working theory at this point is we have someone sabotaging us or working against our mission to help the farms. As we have been hitting opposition thus far, this doesn’t seem far fetched. It also helped matters to hear shambling footsteps approaching the campsite in the midst of this discussion.

Unfortunately, this was all we had time to cover in this session, and we broke before the combat took place. So far, the advantage/disadvantage system is a big hit, and is the simple math. I haven’t heard any lamentations yet about what is missing from the experience, but I am certain some items will be raised as time progresses.

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