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Misread Magic Items: Sword of Hounding

The huntsman raised her sword high, skin sparkling with frost in the harsh light of the moon. The sword came down more swiftly than darkness when a candle is extinguished, and the elf screamed as it pierced his side, causing him to stumble in his flight. Almost instantly, he could hear the braying of the fey hounds and the sounding of the huntsman’s horn. It seemed even the moon had turned against him, as he ran deeper into the forest, seeking to escape the hunt.

Sword of Hounding
Weapon (any sword), rare (requires attunement)
This silvered sword carries with it a portion of the power of the Winter Court, given as a reward to those who have earned a place of honor from the Wild Hunt.

The sword has 5 charges. If you hit an enemy, you may expend a charge to cast hunter’s mark as a 5th-level spell. This does not require concentration to maintain, but it fades when the target affected by the spell reaches 0 hit points, instead of being able to change the targets. You may only have one hunter’s mark spell from the sword active at a time. The sword regains 1d4 charges during the new moon and the full moon.

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