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Misread Magic Items: Carpet of Frying

Even if no one else likes it, or cares, Misread Magic Items is probably my favorite thing I write. I end up looking at the existing magic items, and trying to alter them in name and function in interesting ways. It’s a good semi-improv effort, as I usually put myself on something of a time limit to get it done. Anyway, just some useless backstory.

Today’s entry is the carpet of frying. It gives the phrase “rug burn” a whole new meaning. The object is meant to serve as a semi-portable magical trap, and possibly help players create a lair for themselves, or serve as lair power inspiration for future endeavors. I’m also looking to implement more situations where tools can see use, while still maintaining the theme of the tools, and staying within the boundaries of design. I know the artisan’s tools are useful for item creation, but I’d love to keep expanding use, here and there.

Carpet of Frying
Wondrous item, very rare

You can speak the carpet’s command word as an action to activate or deactivate the warding magic woven into the threads of the carpet. The carpet may not be moved while it is active. Once activated, the carpet remains active until unraveled, dispelled, or discharged. The rug is triggered by the first person to step upon it, blasting everything within a 15-foot radius in intense flames. Those in the affected area must make a DC 14 Dexterity saving throw, taking the damage listed in the chart on a failed saving or half damage on a success. After emitting this blast, the rug is discharged.

If the rug is dispelled, or discharged, the carpet mends and recharges its magic after being exposed the light of sunrise and sunset within a 24 hour period. Unraveling the rug requires a successful Intelligence (Weaver’s Tools) check against the stated DC. Unraveling the rug takes an hour.

Four sizes of carpet of frying exist. The DM chooses the size of a given carpet or determines it randomly.

d100 Size Unraveling DC Damage
01-20 3ft. x 5ft. 13 3d12 fire
21-55 4ft. x 6ft. 14 4d12 fire
56-80 5ft. x 7 ft. 15 5d12 fire
81-100 6ft. x 9ft. 16 6d12 fire


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