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Misread Magic Items: Bead of Farce

This week’s entry into Misread Magic Items is the bead of farce, obviously a spoof, perhaps a goof around, on the bead of force. First, farce is a great word. Farcical is even better, it sounds like fartsicle. It gets hot enough here in the summer that I’d probably resort to eating a fartsicle if it would cool me off, but I wouldn’t like it. Unless it was just named that and was actually like, cherry limeade or something. This item is meant to provide some options for shenanigans. Everyone loves shenanigans. Well, police captains don’t.

Bead of Farce
Wondrous item, rare
This small grey sphere measures an inch in diameter and weighs an ounce. Typically, 1d4+1 beads of farce are bound together.

You may use an action to throw the bead up to 60 feet. The bead explodes on impact and is destroyed. A major illusion spell cast from a 6th-level spell slot appears at the location. You decide upon the illusion prior to the explosion.

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