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Misread Magic Item: Ring of Thumping

The ring of jumping is a classic magic item. It’s only a bonus action to cast the jump spell, it’s self only, and it’s without any limits other than that. You put it on, you leap small buildings in a single bound, that kind of thing. As far as utility goes, it’s pretty amazing. However, I would love to have a ring as a thuggish type character that is ugly as hell, and when people ask what the ring is for you can respond “thumpin'” and mean it. A ring of thumping would modify bludgeoning damage, of course.

Ring of Thumping
Ring, very rare (requires attunement)
While wearing this ring, you may spend a bonus action to choose between several different effects. These effects remain active until the next time you select an option, or until you complete a long rest. You may choose from the following effects:

  • Whenever you hit with an attack made by a weapon dealing bludgeoning while you have advantage, you deal two additional weapon die of bludgeoning damage. If you critically hit with this attack, you deal three additional weapon die of bludgeoning damage, instead.
  • Attacks you make with a bludgeoning weapon ignore resistance to bludgeoning damage, and creatures immune to bludgeoning damage instead have resistance to bludgeoning damage against your attacks.
  • Whenever you take damage from any source, your next successful attack with a bludgeoning weapon deals an additional 1d4 bludgeoning damage. Each source of damage grants an additional die.


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