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Misread Magic Items: Bloom of Flying

Today in Misread Magic Items, we look at the Broom of Flying, and give it a floral twist.

The Broom of Flying is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a broom. It flies when you mount it and ride around. If you aren’t under 200 pounds, you go a lot slower. Seriously, you hit a breakpoint at 200 pounds there the magic is just like, “Nah. I’m not hauling your fat ass around at full speed. 199? Sure, I’ll move up to 50 feet. 200 pounds? I only go 30 feet. If you are over 400 pounds, FORGET IT!” I feel like it should probably have degradation rather than hard limits, but whatever. I’m not a professional broom-maker. If I did, I would call my brand Flue Shots, and my slogan would be “One sick ride.” Anyway. What if this wasn’t a broom at all, but rather a flower you could encounter in the wild to gain temporary flight and flight-related actions? That’s what today’s Misread Magic Item is all about.

Bloom of Flying
Wondrous Item, very·rare (requires attunement)

While obviously a crafted item, these flowers are found scattered throughout the remote areas of wilderness that are seemingly untouched by any civilization. The color of the flowers vary, but they are easy to discern by their feathery, crystalline leaves and the soft-singing tones they emit when touched. Unfortunately, no one seems to agree on what exactly this song sounds like – prompting more than one heated argument between those who have encountered the same flower.

Each flower possesses nine petals, and up to nine people may be attuned to a single flower. Those attuned to the flower may pluck a petal from it and either crush it or place it on their tongue. Once plucked, a petal withers and dies if not used within one hour. Petals handled by someone unattuned to the flower immediately wither and die.

If you crush the petal, you gain a flying speed equal to your walking speed walking speed for 1 hour, and you may hover. Further, while flying, you may take the dash action as a bonus action, and you deal an additional 1d8 thunder damage whenever you deal damage. If you are in the air when the hour has elapsed, you are immediately subject to a feather fall spell. If you are still in the air when the feather fall spell expires, you fall.

If you place the petal on your tongue, it immediately dissolves and you are able to read, speak, and write Auran for one hour. Further, you also have advantage on any Wisdom (Perception) and Dexterity (Initiative) checks,  and deal an additional 1d8 lightning damage whenever you deal damage for the duration.

The flower regains 1d8+1 petals at dawn.



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