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The Dane’s Bulwark

The fifth thematic fighter archetype takes us to Gaunt - the lands of Dane Frosteye, and the elite guards that protect the it.

The fighter thematic archetype series continues this week with the Dane’s Bulwark. the Dane’s Bulwark are bodyguards and defensive warriors, meant to protect the leaders of the septs and nation. The original inspiration was the interesting stances and ways the Danes fought with shields and utilized their armor. That said, limiting fighter archetypes to specific weapons is totally not my bag. Again, different mediums require different approaches. Instead, the hope is this archetype carries the theme without the reliance on specific weaponry.

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The Dane’s Bulwark

In the mountains and forests of the uplands, the people of Gaunt test their mettle against each other until tensions reach a point where an outside opponent is selected – lest their skirmishing erupt into actual bloodshed. The Dane’s Bulwark – the elite soldiers that serve the sept leaders and the Dane – keep order when things get out of hand, and ensure the safety of those they are sworn to protect. When war is waged outside the lands of Gaunt, it’s the Bulwark that leads the way.

High Ward
Beginning when you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you have learned the core tenets of the Bulwark. Whenever an ally within 5 feet of you is hit by an attack, you may spend your reaction to roll a 1d6 and decrease the damage your ally would receive from the attack by the result.

After doing so, you may spend your bonus action on your next turn to grant the same ally an additional 1d6 damage on their next attack before the beginning of your subsequent turn.

Each option increases to 2d6 at 10th level, and 3d6 at 18th level.

Relentless Approach
Starting when you choose this archetype at 3rd you gain advantage on saving throws against Exhaustion as a result of a Forced March. You also only need to make a saving throw for every 2 hours you march beyond 8 hours, rather than every hour.

Idle Hands
Upon reaching 7th level, you have learned to keep your hands busy whenever you are on duty. You gain proficiency in your choice of tools: (artisan’s tools).

While you are working with these tools and are not moving, you have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks and Dexterity (Initiative) checks.

Serpent Ward
When you reach 10th level, you gain advantage on saving throws against magical sleep and the charmed condition.

Additionally, you may spend an action to make a melee attack against a sleeping or charmed ally within 5 feet. If the attack is successful, the ally may immediately make another saving throw against the condition with advantage.

Change Ward
Beginning at 15th level, whenever you would prevent damage with your high ward feature you may choose to give your ally resistance to the attack, instead. When you do so, your bonus action instead grants double the amount of die to you and your ally and applies to all successful attack each of you makes before the beginning of your next turn.

You may use this feature a number of times equal to 1+Your Constitution Modifier. You must take a long rest before being able to use this ability again after all uses have been expended.

Ox Ward
Starting at 18th level, whenever you use your action surge or indomitable class features you regain hit points as if you have spent a second wind. 

Whenever you use your second wind class feature, you may either make an additional weapon attack as part of your action following the second wind or you may choose to immediately make a new saving throw against an effect currently affecting you.

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